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Washover Fan Flat (Geoform Type)

Component: Geoform

Unique Identifier: 100

Geoform Origin Geologic
Geoform Flat
Geoform Type Washover Fan Flat

Definition A gently sloping, fan-like, subaqueous landform created by overwash from storm surges that transports sediment from the seaward side to the landward side of a barrier island (Jackson 1997). Sediment is carried through temporary overwash channels that cut through the dune complex on the barrier spit (Fisher and Simpson 1979; Boothroyd et al. 1985; Davis 1994) and spill out onto the lagoon-side platform, where they coalesce to form a broad belt. Also called Storm-Surge Platform Flat (Boothroyd et al. 1985) and Washover Fan Apron (Jackson 1997).