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Mobile Crustaceans on Hard or Mixed Substrates (Biotic Group)

Component: Biotic

Unique Identifier: 1213

Biotic Setting Benthic/Attached Biota
Biotic Class Faunal Bed
Biotic Subclass Attached Fauna
Biotic Group Mobile Crustaceans on Hard or Mixed Substrates
Biotic Community Caprellid Communities
Pagurus Communities
Crangon Communities

Definition Areas where the epifaunal community is dominated by slow-moving crustaceans on hard or mixed substrates, often living on, between, or under rocks. Many of these animals feed on organic detritus, debris, or small fauna. This group is limited to the epifaunal crustacean taxa that are relatively non-motile (e.g., hermit crabs, xanthid crabs, grapsid crabs, mysids, palaemonids and other small shrimps, amphipods, isopods) and cannot move outside the boundaries of the classification unit within one day. This group does not include the larger, more mobile, usually predatory crustacean forms (e.g., swimming crabs, Cancer crabs, large spider crabs, penaied shrimps), which should be recorded as Associated Taxa with another Biotic Group (see Section 10.3.1).