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Biogenic (Geoform Origin)

Component: Geoform

Unique Identifier: 184

Geoform Origin Biogenic
Geoform Atoll
Coral Reef Island
Mollusk Reef
Deep/Cold-Water Coral Reef
Shallow/Mesophotic Coral Reef
Tree Fall
Whale Fall
Worm Reef

Definition Biogenic geoforms are physical features and landforms that were created by the action of living organisms (bioherms). These primarily consist of the different types of reefs. Examples of these generally hard, fixed structures include the incorporation of dissolved calcium carbonate into reef structure by corals, aggregations of mollusk shells into a fixed cohesive substrate, or the cementation of existing sediments into an aggregation of worm tubes. As with all geoforms the characteristic of concern in this component is the physical shape of these reef features, not the living biology that may have participated in their genesis. Any of the reef geoforms may or may not have living coral or other life present.