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Gravelly (Substrate Group)

Component: Substrate

Unique Identifier: 273

Substrate Origin Geologic Substrate
Substrate Class Unconsolidated Mineral Substrate
Substrate Subclass Coarse Unconsolidated Substrate
Substrate Group Gravelly
Substrate Subgroup Gravelly Sand
Gravelly Muddy Sand
Gravelly Mud

Definition Geologic Substrate surface layer contains 5% to < 30% Gravel (particles 2 millimeters to < 4,096 millimeters in diameter). For more specificity in this group and in the following three substrate subgroups, the median size of "Gravelly" may be substituted in, e.g., "Bouldery", "Cobbley Sand", "Pebbly Muddy Sand", and "Granuley Mud".