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Unconsolidated Mineral Substrate (Substrate Class)

Component: Substrate

Unique Identifier: 29

Substrate Origin Geologic Substrate
Substrate Class Unconsolidated Mineral Substrate
Substrate Subclass Coarse Unconsolidated Substrate
Fine Unconsolidated Substrate

Definition Geologic Substrates with less than 50% cover of Rock Substrate. This class uses Folk (1954) terminology to describe any mix of loose mineral substrate that occurs at any range of sizes—from Boulders to Clay. This hierarchy and the associated terms are shown in Figure 7.2. These classifications may be based on percent weight (e.g., for retrieved samples); percent cover (e.g., for plan-view images); or visual percent composition (for other approaches). Units with bracketed letters, e.g., [G], [mSG], correspond to the labeled polygons in Figure 7.2, using conventions from Folk (1954).