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Anthropogenic Rock (Substrate Class)

Component: Substrate

Unique Identifier: 363

Substrate Origin Anthropogenic Substrate
Substrate Class Anthropogenic Rock
Substrate Subclass Anthropogenic Rock Reef Substrate
Anthropogenic Rock Rubble
Anthropogenic Rock Hash
Anthropogenic Rock Sand
Anthropogenic Rock Mud

Definition Anthropogenic Substrate that is primarily composed of natural mineral materials that were purposefully or accidentally deposited by humans. This includes breakwaters made of natural stone, dredge material, artificial reefs made of natural stone, as well as beach nourishment and beach fill. Shape for this substrate class is covered in the GC (e.g., Groin, Breakwater, and Dredge Deposit). If the origin of a feature cannot be determined, it is assumed to be of natural origin and classified in the Geologic or Biogenic Substrate Origin.