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Larval Worm Aggregation (Biotic Group)

Component: Biotic

Unique Identifier: 460

Biotic Setting Planktonic Biota
Biotic Group Zooplankton
Biotic Subclass Worm Meroplankton
Biotic Group Larval Worm Aggregation
Biotic Community Nereid Larval Aggregation
Nemeretean Larval Aggregation
Polychaete Larval Aggregation

Definition Water parcels in which larvae of various worm taxa aggregate and are the dominant form of zooplankton. Many worm larvae are difficult to identify. The initial larval stage of annelids (the rounded, ciliated trochophore stage) is very similar to the trochophore stage of larval mollusks. Annelid larvae will continue growth by adding segments, however, and become more worm-like.