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Deepwater/Coldwater Stony Coral Reef (Biotic Group)

Component: Biotic

Unique Identifier: 489

Biotic Setting Benthic/Attached Biota
Biotic Class Reef Biota
Biotic Subclass Deepwater/Coldwater Coral Reef Biota
Biotic Group Deepwater/Coldwater Stony Coral Reef
Biotic Community Enallopsammia Reef
Goniocorella Reef
Lophelia Reef
Madrepora Reef
Oculina Reef
Solenosmilia Reef

Definition Areas dominated by deepwater stony corals. There are 17 known species of deepwater, azooxanthellate, stony corals (Class: Anthozoa; Order: Scleractinia) that form larger, branching colonies and contribute to reef frameworks. Six of these are particularly widespread or important, and these are major contributors to the framework of their respective habitats. These species form branching colonies (generally less than 1 - 2 meters in size), and aggregations of these living colonies—and their immediately adjacent dead framework and rubble—are important habitats for numerous other sedentary and mobile species.