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Attached Bryozoans (Biotic Group)

Component: Biotic

Unique Identifier: 509

Biotic Setting Benthic/Attached Biota
Biotic Class Faunal Bed
Biotic Subclass Attached Fauna
Biotic Group Attached Bryozoans
Biotic Community Attached Bugula
Attached Celleporaria
Attached Tubulipora

Definition Areas dominated by abundant or structurally complex, attached bryozoan communities that are may be habitat-forming. These colonial filter-feeding animals have a protective chinitous or calcareous covering that adds structural support. They may occur on hard substrates as flat encrusting growths, as feathery branched structures, as complex calcareous shapes, as fouling communities, and in other forms. Certain species of bryozoans may create extensive habitats.