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Soft Sediment Crinoids (Biotic Group)

Component: Biotic

Unique Identifier: 525

Biotic Setting Benthic/Attached Biota
Biotic Class Faunal Bed
Biotic Subclass Soft Sediment Fauna
Biotic Group Soft Sediment Crinoids
Biotic Community Comanthus Bed
Diplocrinus Bed
Rhizocrinus Bed

Definition Areas dominated by crinoid species that are not attached to a hard substrate. Stalked crinoids or "sea lilies" may fix themselves to the soft seafloor or may move along the bottom. These animals and the motile (but often stationary, see Barnes 1980) comatulid "feather stars" are common in the deep sea and in other areas. They may be resting on the sediment surface, or they may be partially embedded in the sediment. Both groups of crinoids (sea lilies and feather stars) are suspension-feeding echinoderms with many branched arms.