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Marine Oceanic Epipelagic Upper Layer (Water Column Layer)

Component: Layer

Unique Identifier: 620

Water Column Layer Marine Oceanic Epipelagic Upper Layer

Definition The Epipelagic Layer is the upper 200 meters of the oceanic water column. Within the Epipelagic, the Marine Oceanic Epipelagic Upper Layer is the region between the sea surface and the Epipelagic Pycnocline, if present, or mid-depth in the Epipelagic zone at 100 meters. This layer is generally well-mixed, well-lighted, and highly oxygenated, and supports photosynthesis largely throughout, although weakly in the lower depths. It has no contact with, and very minimal influence from land, and is very clear compared to coastal water masses. It is the zone of maximal productivity in the Oceanic Subsystem.