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Wave (Hydroform Class)

Component: Hydroform

Unique Identifier: 683

Hydroform Class Wave
Hydroform Anthropogenic Wave
Coastally Trapped Wave
Edge Wave
Equatorial Wave
Non-Equatorial Wave
Internal Wave
Storm Surge
Surf Zone
Surface Wave
Surface Wind Wave
Surface Swell

Definition The Wave Hydroform Class is a propagation of energy that moves through the water, causing a vertical, oscillatory motion with characteristic wavelength, amplitude, and celerity. Waves are of several types: internal, standing, and surface. Each type of wave propagates energy and impacts the waters, substrate, and biota that it contacts. Waves are initiated by an energy source (such as wind, landslides, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions), and they can occur at any depth in the water column. Wave energy varies depending on type and intensity of energy input; the wave regime can change on hourly timescales.