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Washover Fan (Geoform Type)

Component: Geoform

Unique Identifier: 93

Geoform Origin Geologic
Geoform Fan
Geoform Type Washover Fan

Definition A fan-like landform of sand that washed over a barrier island or spit during a storm, and then deposited sand on the landward side. Washover fans can be small and completely subaerial—or they can be quite large and include subaqueous margins that extend into adjacent lagoons or estuaries. Large fans can composed of ephemeral washover channels (micro feature) cut through dunes or beach ridges, back barrier flats, (subaqueous) washover fan flats, and (subaqueous) washover fan slopes. Subaerial or intertidal portions can range from barren to completely vegetated (U.S. Department of Agriculture 2008).